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vision and mission 


We believe that God’s Word (preached, taught, shared among each other, and studied individually, etc.) is the means by which God grows His people.

When we say our mission is to declare and demonstrate God’s plan of redemption (the gospel), we mean that our aim is always the salvation of those who are apart from Christ. We declare this plan of God’s by clearly articulating the gospel through all means available and we demonstrate this plan by compassionately pursuing people with the love God has placed in our hearts.

Grace-Based, Daily Discipleship:
The Christian faith is not merely a set of beliefs to be affirmed as true. It is a new life and a call to follow Jesus daily. To be a Christian means to be seeking to grow in three areas: walking with God, loving each other, and seeking the lost. In all of these areas we strive for what we call "imperfect progress", relying on the grace and mercy of God each step of the way.


Our Mission is to declare and demonstrate Gods redemptive plan through Christ Jesus.


We desire to see an ever-growing group of people from the Milford and surrounding Communities redeemed by authentic Love of Jesus Christ.

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