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The Gathering@The Well

We are the Church

Join us as we Gather@The Well, where lives are changed and people transformed by the living water that flows from Jesus Christ. Come discover how you can thirst no more and grow roots connected to the rivers of living water. 

IHM- The Gathering

Join us Sunday at 11am for our weekly worship service. Come together for a time of worship, devotion, and preaching from the word of God. 

Worship With Us Throughout The Week 

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Bible Study

Gather on Wednesday Nights at 7:00 pm to discuss passages and books from the Bible along with other books written by Christian authors. Dive deeper into scripture and share personal applications and revelations.

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             Awakening Youth
               To the LOVE of CHRIST! 

Awaken Youth - our goal is to awaken every child to the Love of Jesus! Whether it's caring for and praying for them, or it's engaging kids in worship and teaching them how to apply scripture to their lives through creative ways. Your Child will learn and have fun, create community, and build a strong foundation of faith! We value the opportunity to teach and instill foundational Biblical truths in every child, no matter what abilities or special needs they may have.


We invite all women to gather on the first Saturday of each month at 7 pm to experience a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led united night of friendship, bonding, healing, and mutual love for a Father who has redeemed us and a Savior who unites us. Bring a snack to share if you are able.


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